Perimeter Wall Placement

Yesterday the Silpis (with the help of Yoginathswami and a fork lift) moved many of the main portions of Iriavan Temple's perimeter wall into place along the east side of the foundation. As seen in the final photo, the finished wall will have a center section, small pillars on either side, top pieces and red granite pots to adorn tops of the pillars.

A Visit From a Hawaiian High Priestess

Today the monastery enjoyed a visit from Leimomi Mo'okini Lum. She is the soon-to-be 93 year old, Hawaiian Priestess who originally presented Gurudeva with the Kuloulou Staff. The staff still sits to the right of the Guru Pitam, opposite to Satguru's Silver Danda. She is currently doing wonderful work to restore and utilize a large Heiau—an ancient Hawaiian Temple—on the big island. You'll note that Leimomi is currently in a wheel chair, but it's not because she's too old to walk, it's because she hurt her ankle while hiking! We have much to learn from this bright soul.

"Kulou" means to "bow the head," for the Kuloulou Staff is considered one of the most sacred Hawaiian symbols. Today Leimomi replaced the special Hawaiian cloth which covers the staffs spherical top. While here she also enjoyed a tour of Iraivan Temple and a visit to the Media Studio to "talk story" with the monks there.

Iraivan Temple Updates

With the shiplis here on Kauai, work on Iraivan Temple is continuously moving forward. On Thai Pongal we took a short tour of everything that has been happening this week.

Thai Pongal 2019

Several days ago we observed Thai Pongal at Iraivan Temple. Chinnu made the delicious rice dish which would auspiciously boil over and the shilpis decorated and helped with the event. The monks gathered at Iraivan and enjoyed some prasadam along with an nice view of the morning sunrise.

We hope you had a festive and meaningful Pongal. As Lord Surya enters Capricorn we give thanks for the Earth's abundance and anticipate the longer and longer daylight of the coming year. See this article for further information about Pongal:

On Taskforce

Jai Ganesha!

As Ramesh and Vel return home, another taskforcer has graced our midsts. For the next three months Adi Srikantha will be helping in and around the monastery with our many projects.

Replanting Tomatoes

Jai Ganesha!

One of the things that Yoginathaswami and Dayanatha learned at their hydroponic tomato class in Arizona, was that you can't keep old tomato plants as long as we were keeping them, without a drastic reduction in crop production. After a certain amount of time it is prudent to remove the old plants and start new ones. So recently the team gathered in the greenhouse and did just that.

A Bright Day at the Aadheenam

"When the Creator dances, the worlds He created dance. To the measure that He dances in our knowledge, our thoughts, too, dance. When He in heart-endearing dances, the several elements, too, dance. Witness in rapture surpassing the dance of that One who is a glowing flame." Tirumantiram, 2786

Vel and Ramesh

Jai Ganesha!

For many months the aadheenam has enjoyed the presence of two taskforcers, Vel Mahalingum and Ramesh Sivanathan. Today Ramesh boarded a plane back to Malaysia, and in a few days Vel will make his way back to Mauritius after a stopover in Europe. As we've seen in previous posts, these two have been making many contributions while here. We're very thankful for their dedication and tireless seva. Towards the end of their stay the two visited our new Bronze Hanuman during this year's Tamil Hanuman Jayanti on January 5th. They also traveled out to the Rudraksha forest and Iraivan Temple for a final visit. Aum Namah Sivaya.

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